The Mornland

Ruler: None
Capital: None (Metrol)

The Mornland was one the Kingdom of Cyre, known as the jewel in the crown of Galifar.

Four years ago an explosion of Arcane Energy decimated the kingdom and effectively ended the Last War, no group has been able to explain this incident or take credit for it.

Magic does not work properly in the Mournland and many strange creatures have emerged from the mist surrounding the ruins of Cyre.

The party has found that no healing spells or natural healing abilities work within the mists, Arcane magic spells have strange random properties, Primal magic does not operate at all and Divine magic is less affective.

Into the Mournland
The adventurers have entered the Mournland with Pennac ir’Tarryn to deliver supplies to an Artificer and ex-member of House Cannith who is studying the Glowing Chasm. After delivering these supplies they journeyed deeper in an attempt to reach Pennac’s ancectral manor.

Stopping for a time in the Manor House of the Amberville Family they succeeded in freeing the Amberville manor and it’s residents and allowing them to complete their escape from the Day of Mourning into Thelanis.

Upon reaching the lands of the Tarryn family Pennac found his family home to be gone, replaced with a glass sheet with a two handed sword in the middle. In a fit of rage Pennac drew the sword and smashed it into the glass. The adventurers where blinded by a flash of light, when the light faded they could see that Pennac, the sword and the glass had disappeared, leaving land unaffected by the mist in it’s place.

Return to the Mournland
The second time the group have entered the Mournland is to rescue Baron Dalin d’Vadalis from marauders who attached his entourage while he travelled to meet the group in Thrane.

Important Power Groups

Powerful Dragonmarked Houses:

Important Locations:
Site of the ir’Tarryn lands

The Mornland

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