Ruler: King Kaius III
Capital: Korth

Karnath is known for having the greatest martial strength of the five kingdoms. The College of Rekkenmark produces many of the greatest generals and soldiers ever to fight for any kingdom.

During the last war Karrnath found itself on the back foot against the Magical might of Aundair, the Devine Strength of Thrane, the Spycraft of Breland and the Monetary Power of Cyre. Despite this Karrnath may still have prevailed by using her superior soldiers and knowledge of tactics had it nor been for a famine and disease afflicting it’s citizenry.

In this time of need an Ally arose in the form of the Blood of Vol, the cult became the state religion in Karrnath and provided the kingdom with healing services and superior undead troops to take on their enemies.

Towards the end of the last war King Kaius the Third took on the throne and has outlawed the Blood of Vol, though the religion still has a strong underground hold within the kingdom.

Important Power Groups
The Royal Family
Blood of Vol
The Order of the Emerald Claw
The Order of Rekkenmark
The Twelve

Powerful Dragonmarked Houses:
House Deneith
House Jorasco
House Cannith

Important Locations:
Fort Bones
Fort Zombie


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