Izuth d'Cannith

Izuth d’Cannith is known as one of the premier scholars of the Draconic Prophecy and a current member of The Twelve.

Theron originally sought out Izuth in connection with the Prophecy of Baelshyra’s Escape and his own affliction / connection to Fluffy. This meeting went well, leading Theron to the knowledge that he may be The Bronze Man mentioned in The Draconic Prophecy.

When Agarr-Thurr met Izuth the reaction was altogether different. Hostile and distrustful Izuth trained many mystical items on Agarr-Thurr calling him the Scaled Scion. It is possible that Izuth knows more about Agarr-Thurr than the Scorcerer knows about himself.

Agarr-Thur has written to Izuth and sent him a silver ring with a black stone, the letter claimed that the stone may be some form of trap or attack against the houses. No reply has been received.

Izuth was at the meeting at Silvercliff Castle. He offered protection against scrying using multiple Sipstrassi stones within arcane devices, it is possible that he is an ally in the goal to destroy Baelshyra albeit one who does not entirely trust the group.

Izuth d'Cannith

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