House Deneith

House_Deneith.jpgRace: Human
Mark: Sentinel
Sigil: Chimera

House Deneith members are highly-acclaimed mercenaries and bodyguards known for their efficiency and martial skill.

Deneith are the muscle of the dragonmarked houses, providing raw power to a nation’s army. Taking sides is bad for business, so during the Last War, Deneith remained neutral and provided soldiers to all sides.

Now that the war has ended Deneith members are hired for guarding monarchs and chasing down criminals.

Baron Breven D’Deneith is the current patriarch of House Deneith, he commands the Sentinel Marshals and the Defenders Guild out of the House Deneith enclave in Karrlakton in Karrnath.

Known Members:
Baron Brevan d’Deneith
Uther Lorshe

House Deneith

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