Dragonmarked Houses

The Dragonmarked Houses are powerful merchant organisations, each specialising in specific goods or services based on the mystical markings that appear on their skin called Dragonmarks.

The Dragonmarks enable the members of each house to perform magic feats.

The true strength of the houses lays not so much in their abilities as it does in their political power and that without them many essential services would be impossible to replicate.

The Korth Edicts restricts the power of the Dragonmarked Houses, but do the houses still obey the edicts now that Galifar has fallen?

Dragonmarked Houses:
House Cannith – The Mark of Making, Creation of Items both Magical and Mundane
House Deneith – The Mark of the Sentinel, Mercenaries and Police
House Ghallanda – The Mark of Hospitality, Inns, Taverns and Catering Services
House Jorasco – The Mark of Healing, Hospitals
House Kundarak – The Mark of Warding, Banking and Protection of Property
House Lyrander – The Mark of Storms, Weather manipulation and Transport via Airship
House Medani – The Mark of Detection, Investigation and Acquisition of information
House Orien – The Mark of Passage, Transportation of People and Goods
House Phiarlan – The Mark of Shadows, Entertainment
House Thuranni – The Mark of Shadows, Entertainment
House Sivis – The Mark of Scribing, Communication
House Tharashk – The Mark of Finding, Mining and Bounthunters
House Vadalis – The Mark of Handling, Animal Breeding and Training

Organisations linked to the Dragonmarked Houses
The Twelve

Dragonmarked Houses

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