Daelkyr Rising

Khyber Harvest

In the begining

Our campaign opens on three companions. Two Dwarves and a Human living in small communities in the north of Droaam.

Elrick Mac Elwrench a Dwarven Ranger from a line of Artificers, loyal to his clan and friends. Fond of beer and gold. His Father and older brother missing now for many years after going on a selling run through the Byeshk Mountains to the Eldeen Reaches, they had hoped to sell the wares made by their forge but sadly they never returned.

Cedrik Fitz Gorran, a skilled Fighter of a bastard line related to the King of the Mac Gorran clan. During the war Cedrik was a scout and mercenary, usually on the side of Breland. He has returned home, still the black sheep of his family, unsure what to do now that the war has ended.

Grant Gunnloda, a Paladin of Bane raised in a Fort (Abbey) in Northern Droaam. Trained in the art of combat and raised to be a leader of men. Grant is like an untested sword, sharp and sturdy but lacking in experience, of war and of the world.

The Fort of Bane and the Clan Gorran have existed in close proximity within the wilds of Droaam for many years, allies against the shared dangers within the kingdom of monsters.

The group is asked by Brigadier Matthelm to travel to the town of Blackroot in the Shadow Marches and speak to Doria Valedaar whom he believes will have information regarding the Draconic Prophecy.

The group spend a night in a travellers safe haven all experiencing the same dream.

The next day the continue to travel to Blackroot and are met by Theron, an Elven Ranger from the Eldeen Reaches also on his way to see Doria.

At Blackroot Doria is missing and the party find that Cultist of Baelshyra have been terrorising the town and using a mystical ceremony to force the townspeople to join their cult.

After rescuing Doria and Destroying the cult the heroes claim the Coat of Eyes, an artefact the Doria tells them can be used to destroy Baelshyra. She gives them scrolls for the Brigadier and thanks them for her rescue.

While resting Theron is attacked and bonded by a symbiont that attaches to his hand.

On the trip back to the Clan Gorran the party encounter a large spider creature guarding its next and the magical berries growing near it. After slaying the creature they find the berries grant minor healing when ingested (+5 temporary hit points). They also narrowly avoid a fight with a Bullywug clan as they leave the swamp.

On returning to Clan Gorran they find the small settlement is surrounded by Bugbears.



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