Daelkyr Rising

The Rescue of Baron Vadalis
Into the Mournland .... Again

Found within the royal Palace at Metrol:
Report on the Activities surrounding the floating city of Decifix.
Your Royal Majesty Queen Daenyl.
As per your orders I have delivered the intruders to the Decifix.
upon approaching the city we saw that Zerai’s renegade troops where under attack by an army of Warforged. These may be the same beings we have heard reports of causing issues to the South.
The attackers appeared to be launching themselves over the City walls and using some form of magical devices to break their fall.
The City is in chaos and I was unable to identify any side that would emerge as a clear winner at this early stage of the combat.
The intruders where dropped in the least combat stricken location we could find, hopefully they will at least cause more confusion for both sides.
In Service
Freyn,, Soldier and Wyrm Rider of the Royal Garrison

Fall of the Bone Tree
The first escape of many

Legend of the Fat Tusk tribe, recorded by Felomar Grneleth, YK 2050:

The Bone Tree had existed for many lifetimes, an evil clan that warred with the righteous Fat Tusk tribe. We mounted many raides against them and where only stopped from destroying them by their master “Che Harana” who’s evil fouled the land and our own fractured nature would not allow us to agree on a course of action.

But the day came when the Bone Tree could not contain their evil and attacked travelers in our land, invading our territory and bringing with them the taint of Che Harana.

Our great shaman Granallak (Researchers Note: Granallak appears to be a person completely out of legend, almost all great positive events for the tribe are attributed to a “Granallak”) had a vision from Brother Boar telling us the time to strike was now, to gather our strongest hunters and work with the travelers that had been attacked, to once and for all wipe the bone tree from the land.

Our greatest warriors crossed the river, the travelers by our side, and crashed against the wave of evil that was the Bone Tree. Axes cleaving and clubs smashing, the fat tusk tribe and their allies fought against the hideous terror of the Bone Tree, coming at last to the Tree itself, a large gnarled white tree made of eldritch bone and the torn shadow of a Daelkyr.

Che Harana spat venom and bile at the forces of the Fat Tusk, our allies slaughtering the tribe in their drive to reach him. The cowardly being turned and ran into his cave, deep into Khyber, taking his minions with him.

The Fat Tusk tribe took the land of the Bone Tree, though even Granallak could not destroy the tree itself. And thus began the Fat Tusk tribes consolidation of the Tribes.

Researchers Note: This legend appears to match up with many of the entries in the Journal of Davi Peryn, the Che Harana figure, according to Davi Peryn, was an old Orc with tribal markings over his body who escaped with a small half-orc boy covered in the same markings and a lieutenant of some sort called Gethix. The Bone Tree still stands and the materials that comprise it’s structure have not been identified.

This time it's war

From the Memoirs of Davi Peryn:

Once my new friends had destroyed the strange abominations within the Gatekeeper crypt I took careful note of what was retrieved, although I did not attempt to stop them from taking their spoils as it seemed only fair after the trouble they had helped me avoid.

Alas Gethix, the mysterious representative of “Che Harana” and the Bone Tree clan was waiting for us at the once we existed. Although he did not object to us reinstating the Glyph Mosaic in the front of the Monolith I do not think it will serve to keep others from entering the crypt as it somehow did before. And as before, his silence seems only to indicate that if we attempt to do anything contrary to his wishes violence will be quick and final.

We rode under his instruction for the rest of the day, camping that night within a small copse of trees that was not covered with water. I have to say that riding giant beetles is a disturbing experience that I do not think will catch on any time soon, mostly because the strange skittering noises they make are strange to the ear.

That night my new friend Cedric woke me quietly, evidently we were to abandon Gethix and slip away in the night, Elrick had been given a strange vision that none would survive a visit to the Bone Tree.

We quietly slipped away into the night leaving the sleeping Gethix behind us. We travelled through the night and the next day before resting, only to be attacked once we thought we might be safe. Gethix and a large force came out of the swamp and raided our encampment, fighting hard against myself and my companions.

During the raid they seemed to be searching for something in our packs and on our Bugs, announcing loudly that “It’s not here, they’re a diversion” when they opened a large box that Cedric had been looking after.

They did not leave once they had discovered whatever ruse my companions seemed to be perpetrating but fought all the harder to try and kill us. Only the timely intervention of a tribe of Orcs and Half-Orcs called the “Fat Tusk” tribe drove off our attackers.

That night the Fat Tusk tribe welcomed us into their encampment, telling us of their long standing feud with the Bone Tree Clan. They intended to launch a raid into the Bone Tree lands in retaliation for the attack on us as the Bone Tree had invaded Fat Tusk lands to get to us, and invited the group to join them.

Much merriment and feasting was had, my new friend Grant was frequently challenged to arm wrestling competitions and won most of them. On the morrow the Clan elder gave us a drink that he called “Gaeth’ad” which filled us all with a warmth and passion we found hard to control. I am not sure what went into the tea but it certainly seemed to help my meagre fighting abilities, this may be an indication of why the Orcish warriors are famed as tough and hard to keep down.

We travelled fast with our new allies towards the lands of the Bone Tree, encountering their forces and battling fiercely. Some of their warriors had allowed themselves to be covered in some form of Ooze which slowly ate away at them but also made them extremely dangerous to us as they would hold the Fat Tusk warriors down and allow the Ooze to eat into them at they themselves where consumed.

The Seal of Aal'Drash

In Goldmire the Party meets a researcher from Morgrave University called Davi Peryn. Unlike many of his compatriots from Morgrave who are studying the artifacts coming from Xend’rick, Davi is researching the Orcish Gatekeeper Druidic practises and the effect of the Daelkyr presence on Eberron.

He asks the group to escort him to a Gatekeeper Monolith two days into the swamp.

While riding into the swamp (on beetles provided by the farming family) the heroes narrowly avoid a jam of Gelatinous Cubes that attempt to attack them.

During the night the party camp in a relatively dry part of the swamp and Theron notices that the there are Herons perched in the trees watching them.

A man walks into their camp, introducing himself as Gethix of the Bone Tree clan, he wears leather armor and mismatched short swords. His face and body are covered in tattoos and piercings.

Gethix tells the group that they are in the Bone Tree lands but he will agree to escorting them to the Monolith and allow them to investigate it on the condition that they return with him to the Bone Tree and meet Che Harana after they are finished with the Seal.

Upon reaching the monolith the party find that they need to pull apart a mosaic made of rocks that formed a glyph. By removing each rock and laying them back in order on the ground the group tried to maintain the integrity of the seal while still gaining entrance to the Monolith.

Within the Monolith were a Daakani Traitor and his men who had mutated into abominations through the centuries, bursting forth from their prisons as the heroes entered the monolith. A Gibbering Mouther and four hulking abominations where slain by the group of adventurers though only a little treasure was gained.

Travelling, Dwarks and Evil Fruit

The party meet with a merchant caravan travelling through Goldmire to Patrahk’n and join on as guards.

The caravan arranges to spend the night at a farmstead, a walled enclosure ruled over by a family of Orcs.
During the night Elrick meets a Dworkish (Half Orc / Half Dwarf) Smith and Theron and Grant hear whispers in the basement, stopping at a heavy door only when the Lady of the farm asks them not to enter their families crypt.

The heroes are told that the farm is under attack by strange things coming from the swamp and agree to investigate, promising to catch up with the caravan when they are done.

After travelling into the swamp they find a large tree who’s fruit turns into humanoid forms and gathers food for the tree. After destroying many of the fruit creatures the tree is burned down.

At Goldmire the group experience their first mining town, hardy workers making up the majority of this small city.
Surprisingly many of the inhabitants are Dwarves. After only a little investigation it is discovered that these are dwarves of the Mac Gorran Clan who ran farther than the royal family and their retainers when the Mountain Kingdom of Gorranath fell.
They are eager to reconnect with their kinfolk in Droaam. Adding a further 500 Dwarves to the small town of New Gorranath.

While you were gone

The Bugbear Chieftain Graaf had decided to meet with King Frawd and arrange a peace treaty.
The group was involved in these meetings largely through Cedric’s distant familial relationship with King Frawd. A relationship that was strengthened by Frawd elevating Cedric from being a Fitz Goran to a Mac Goran.

As part of the terms of the peace treaty the Dwarven people would destroy a dragon that had been terrorising the land in recent weeks.
Splud the Kobold believes this dragon was Graenestra, the mistress of his clan who is no longer herself after the man who is not a man came to her.

Our heroes boldly decided to travel to Zarash’ak in the Shadow Marches and investigate removing the Symbiote from Theron’s arm instead.

On the way they stoped at the Fortress of Saint Orsic and asked Father Matthelm to guard the Coat of Eyes while they travelled. The priests arranged a diversionary chest to go with them that would radiate a magical aura similar to the Coat.

Our heroes set off to the Shadow Marches, travelling through the swamp to Goldmire.

On the road the party is ambushed by Orc bandits with an Ogre, whom they quickly defeat. Theron takes a set of stealth lamellar from the leader of the group, a type of armor unfamiliar to any in the party.

Elrick loses his axe in the swamp, finding it embedded in the skull of a long dead human with a golden tooth. The tooth has an insignia of a Triangle rising out of an Oval.

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Khyber Harvest
In the begining

Our campaign opens on three companions. Two Dwarves and a Human living in small communities in the north of Droaam.

Elrick Mac Elwrench a Dwarven Ranger from a line of Artificers, loyal to his clan and friends. Fond of beer and gold. His Father and older brother missing now for many years after going on a selling run through the Byeshk Mountains to the Eldeen Reaches, they had hoped to sell the wares made by their forge but sadly they never returned.

Cedrik Fitz Gorran, a skilled Fighter of a bastard line related to the King of the Mac Gorran clan. During the war Cedrik was a scout and mercenary, usually on the side of Breland. He has returned home, still the black sheep of his family, unsure what to do now that the war has ended.

Grant Gunnloda, a Paladin of Bane raised in a Fort (Abbey) in Northern Droaam. Trained in the art of combat and raised to be a leader of men. Grant is like an untested sword, sharp and sturdy but lacking in experience, of war and of the world.

The Fort of Bane and the Clan Gorran have existed in close proximity within the wilds of Droaam for many years, allies against the shared dangers within the kingdom of monsters.

The group is asked by Brigadier Matthelm to travel to the town of Blackroot in the Shadow Marches and speak to Doria Valedaar whom he believes will have information regarding the Draconic Prophecy.

The group spend a night in a travellers safe haven all experiencing the same dream.

The next day the continue to travel to Blackroot and are met by Theron, an Elven Ranger from the Eldeen Reaches also on his way to see Doria.

At Blackroot Doria is missing and the party find that Cultist of Baelshyra have been terrorising the town and using a mystical ceremony to force the townspeople to join their cult.

After rescuing Doria and Destroying the cult the heroes claim the Coat of Eyes, an artefact the Doria tells them can be used to destroy Baelshyra. She gives them scrolls for the Brigadier and thanks them for her rescue.

While resting Theron is attacked and bonded by a symbiont that attaches to his hand.

On the trip back to the Clan Gorran the party encounter a large spider creature guarding its next and the magical berries growing near it. After slaying the creature they find the berries grant minor healing when ingested (+5 temporary hit points). They also narrowly avoid a fight with a Bullywug clan as they leave the swamp.

On returning to Clan Gorran they find the small settlement is surrounded by Bugbears.


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