Rasa Valmei Laga

Half Giant Barbarian Warlock



A Goliath standing over 8 foot tall with a snowy beard and patched robes. He has a certain sort of Rasputin air about him. His face looks old. As if cut from granite. His skin is ashen in hue. His eyes are a piercing cold blue. His weapons were old and bronze but recently he has come into the possession of the “Axe of Valour”.

He is curious and all things historical and magical hold a particular fascination for him, as does talk of the Draconic Prophecies. Everything in Khorvaire seems new and interesting to him – as indeed it is, having spent most of his life in the wilds of Xendrik. Despite being a barbarian, he fancies himself something of a scholar, and he seems to have the knowledge to back up that brash claim.


He has shared little with other people, but his companions would at least know this:

When Rasa was but a brash youth, living in the Bluespine Peaks in the South of Xen’drik, he snuck into a Dark Elven community and stole something precious. For him, it just seemed like a way to prove himself. The Elves perhaps saw it as a reminder of some ancient enmity. Their response was so long in coming, that the two events hardly seemed connected. But when the Drow raiding party stormed into the Valmei Laga village on the side of Mount Zeralith, he knew that this doom had come about because of him.

Rasa was one of the last standing, but when he succumbed to his wounds, he fell back into a crevice and was left for dead.

Decades later, Rasa emerged from Mount Zeralith with new scars, a long beard, and a mighty tome strapped to his back. Gone was the impulsiveness of youth and its place was a contemplative mien and a hunger for knowledge. Magic was now his main weapon, though he still carried an ancient shield and sword of bronze.

His village may have been gone, but whilst Giants still walked Eberron, he figured he would never lack for kin. Seeking out these reclusive cousins eventually brought him in contact with adventurers from Morgrave University and to Stormreach itself. From there he set out across the waters, intending to travel to Sharn, but instead wound up in the Shadow Marches after a storm.

Rasa Valmei Laga

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