Agarr-Thurr * Tann-Rwk

Gold Dragon Kin Sorcerer of fire


Sorcerer Level 7
nearly always appears as a clean shaven high elf in traditional elven travel gear
hooded cloak , Curtal and trouse. non-discript slinks to the back of the group, tries to not draw attention to himself in most situations.

Unfortunately Agarr-Thurr tends to overthink things he will most often look for a more complicated way to solve a problem rather than the straightforward one.

Agarr-Thurr, would do anything for his father who was an infrequent visitor during his growing up. He suspects his father is a member of the chamber but has no proof of this.


Born on Eberon on the continent of the Dragons, Agarr-Thurr has been raised in a multicultural society on the East coast of Khorvaire by his mother (a dragon kin) and an old retainer (Dragon Born), his father (a gold dragon) was an infrequent visitor. . as a child he had gold blond hair gold eyes and a pale yellow skin. when he hit puberty and the chest scales started to appear he was taken back to live with his father’s family on Argonnessen where he was schooled in the art of illusion to be able to take on the image of an elf, which to this day he wears around strangers.

Agarr-Thurr attended university and was schooled in the way of wizardry as he had showed an natural ability in that regard from puberty. settling into a life of academia he was surprised when his father came and took him out of university and had him help a mercenary band of elves in Valenare. after the war ended Agarr-Thurr returned to university but his heart found it hard to settle. when his father yet again came to him in dragon form and took him to aid a band of adventurers on a quest against a major demon he was undoubtedly surprised but not unhappy to be in the dangerous world.

Since adventuring with the group he has found himself changing, previously he has had no interest in the opposite sex but after being charmed by a wizardess Isadora ir’Amberville he has not been able to completely forget her.

Agarr-Thurr * Tann-Rwk

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